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Top General President Wyatt S. Williams

Top General President Wyatt Stephen Williams is the overall leader of the great nation of Wyattopia, and leads with an iron fist (but inside that fist is candy). Williams is the head leader of the nation's military, with Captain McNugget as his right hand man. Williams was elected leader of Wyattopia after his great involvement with the Pringles Legion and the stopping of Jon.

Early LifeEdit

Williams was born in the town of Fort Wayne (the only town not destroyed and rebuilt after everything with Jon). He grew up like a normal kid, I guess, and always enjoyed Pringles. As a young man, he formed a special group called the Pringles Legion, to love the great chip.


By its start, the Pringles Legion's main objective was to love Pringles and hate Doritos. Their group would get together and talk about the great chip, how the new ones tasted, how the scientists were going to make more, if the chip was too thin or change its shape. They would also talk about how much they didn't like Doritos and the fact that they were not very good.

Over the years, the Pringles Legion discovered the the Doritos Society was on a great quest to find the magic Dorito, or as some call it, the Golden Dorito. Nova Storm, the Doritos Society's leader, needed the chip to stop cyborg Jon from destroying everything. Williams feared that Storm would become too powerful if she got the chip, so the Pringles Legion began to pull pranks on the Doritos lovers, to stop them from finding it. They would put shaving cream in the toilets and whoopie cushions on chairs and in beds. Over time, the two groups would rage war against each other, until the Earthquaker Oats Warriors showed up and the Pringles Legion and the Doritos Society made an alliance with each other and stopped the EQOW from finding the Golden Dorito, and Princess Nova saved everyone and became princess of Toasterland.

The Pringles Legion is still around today, and helps in the planning of everything from military actions down to "Where's the new ice cream shop going to go?"  Williams is still their leader.

Military ActionsEdit

As given in his title, Williams is the Top General of the military for Wyattopia (referred to as "Top Gen" while in action). No one tells him what to do or else they get their feet put where their hands are, and vice versa. Even as leader of the nation, Williams is often seen on the front lines of combat, along with Cpt. McNugget.
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Top Gen. during Operation Mars Takeout