Toasterland has many advanced technologies.

Household stuff
Towels that quickly and efficiently dry fur, useful for Toasterland's population being mostly animals.
Smart Wallpaper - Functions like a tablet; can pull up apps or widgets on the walls and you can pick different appearances for the walls.
Community stuff
Auto Anti-Flame System - Automated system that's installable in Towns that can detect unwanted fires and put them out, making use of Toasterland's excessive amount of lube that its garbage disposal systems create.
Puzzle Build Kit - Allows rapid construction of buildings by pouring a quick-setting wall material into a polyomino-shaped form. Can be used for very quick repairs of a wide variety of hole shapes.
Mini rockets - Launched from small silos and uses RF guidance to very accurately hit a given target, but can't fly much farther than the size of an average house. Destroys a square of wall. Usually restricted to only damage walls and be harmless to people.
Mega rockets - Like mini rockets but stronger.
LALAL - Lynx Anti-Lizard Attack Laser, invented by Geiger Lynx. Can manipulate radioactivity and was used to melt Godzilla.

Toasterland's own planes are all crap

U-2B - Advanced stealth surveillance plane that uploads all the footage it takes to a public live stream. Useful for making video of a public place, such as a sporting event or a documentary film. But beware when shooting video in hostile territory, as if the enemy finds it then it's obvious you were spying on them.
LE-2007 - Air reconnaissance planes that usually lose all the photos they take, but if you find them you can layer them over a 3D contour map for a unique look at the battle below.
Disguise Duster - Looks like a completely ordinary crop duster but it can be loaded with weapons or bombs or whatever stealthily that can be taken out, just someone will wonder why a crop duster is flying over his town.
Bill Nye's inventions

Many of these are highly restricted. These videos were compiled from U-2B footage:

Big City Collider Station - A mini Large Hadron Collider, can make a black hole that is then clogged and closed by a large amount of something that the Grater Plater can grate like cheese or chocolate.
Awesome Toxic Spray - "kills anything up to 50 feet away."
Original Billy Burger Station - Makes delicious Billy Burgers with 2 gophers, 6 sticks of Mighty Putty and a whopping 6 pound bucket of Billy Mays nuts.
The Big City Toilet - Lets you poop anywhere.
Bullet Impact Gel - Protects you from bullets.
Hercules Urine - The fastest way to get ripped instantly.
Green Away - Kills trees, ruins the environment.
Big City Murder Station - Kills people, comes with the Billy Mays Murder License which lets you get away with any murders, and What Odor? which cleans up any evidence.
The AWESOME Auger - Makes everything awesome, made of solid awesome.
Billy Channel - One of the best channels on TV.
Big City Switch - Weird product that's supposedly "useful" but it's not known what it does.