Switzerland 2 (Switzerland the Great, Glorious Switzerland, Switzerland the Second) takes the place of the original Switzerland and it is a neutral nation run by the Icelandic explorer/inventor of punching Jens "Powerhorse" Skeggjathr, who also runs the Gentlemanne's Exploratory Guild. With a population of several thousand commando strongmen and their small latin wives,


The glorious flag of the great nation of Switzerland 2.

Switzerland 2 is the most powerful country in the Wyatt world universe.

Jab has his own mountain in Switzerland 2 that supposedly stores a sword or something for cutting stuff.

Switzerland 2 promotion song


The exports of Switzerland 2 in order of coolest to not as coolest are as follows:

1. Spinkicks - 2 billion tons a year

2. Motorized unicycles - Like, a couple thousand a year, I think.

3.Your favorite flavor of ice cream - 1.5 billion tons a year

4. All of the Death Wish movies dubbed in Second Swiss German -- 700 million tons a year

5. Knife fight scars - At least 10 dealt to any tourist who looks at a Second Swissman funny

6. Delicious chocolate - classified

Politics Edit

Der herrliche Generalissimo Skeggjathr thinks politics are stupid and thus declared his nation to be neutral, so as not to have to deal with any of that. Any government buildings are either used for dealing with issues within Switzerland 2, or Ping Pong tournaments.

The grand Palace of Switzerland 2