MOS Technology is a semiconductor company that is known for creating the very famous and very inexpensive 6502 CPU and other chips, and working as part of Commodore Business Machines to create chips for it. In this universe, they "shut down" much sooner after Commodore went bankrupt, but never actually shut down and had advanced technologies based on their old chips developed as a secret team part of Western Design Center. They have 6502 derivatives capable of running at ridiculously high speeds. The current leader of MOS Technology is known only as "Kim". It is predicted that she(?) is a squirrel lover.

They are actually responsible for various "accidents" that caused different animals to become extraordinary. Their motives are very mysterious and not much is actually known.

"Projects" Edit

Squirrel 2A03 (Nova Storm)
The biggest thing MOS has ever done which required a collaboration with Ricoh because of the scope. They caused the toaster factory incident at the start of Nova's history and had Ricoh work with the Scheme Team to get them to serve Doritos Tacos at Taco Bell, knowing what the consequences would be and fully intending on putting a magical squirrel princess in charge of a nation.
Cow 6502
They were fully aware of her intention to start the collection she did and they made sure that the machines she collected were rigged to cause the cow to become Cow 6502 when they were all turned on at once.
Cat 2048
They secretly tampered with his phone to cause the change.

There are likely many other unknown projects. They were NOT involved with Geiger Lynx, which is probably why he is so normal. Other confirmed numbers whether used already or planned are 1234, 1337, 1492, 1776, 8086, and 9001.

Western Design Center has their current building in Toasterland's Chip City but MOS is still top secret.