Toasterland/Wyattopia peace treaty Edit


Toasterland/Wyattopia treaty

"Wyattopia will not invade or otherwise attack Toasterland, and if another country attacks then Wyattopia will be on Toasterland's side. Toasterland will give Wyatt free entry to its theme parks and will build a "Pringles" themed park in Wyattopia for all of its citizens, and will help advance the tecgnology in both countries by using some of its plentiful trees to fund Wyattopia's top science labs with wood chips and scientists from both will collaborate. Toasterland will make fun of Wyattopia less; please don't invade us"

Operation Mars Take Out Edit

Mars take out

Operation Mars Take Out

"This document relates to the peace treaty signed between the nations of Wyattopia and ToasterLand. The planet nation of Mars has been eyeing [sic] our woodchip dipository [sic], and Wyattopia's war concel [sic] has decided to take action. This will not be an "invation" [sic]. We will simply bomb them to dust, then send men to finish the job, not an "invation" [sic]. This document is to serve the job of requesting ToasterLand for use of factories and, if possible, the use of any availale soldiers. Wyattopia will ambush the Mars emb, in Hawii [sic], and then, our nations will start the bombing.

ToasterLand will be repaid for their actions by a large payment of squarle squirrel food, along with fifteen dollars and seventeen cents. They will also be paid with a large amount of old people to use as fuel for our armies' tanks and space planes. After Mars has been whiped [sic] out, both ToasterLand AND Wyattopia may set up mining communities on the remains of the planet to colect [sic] minerals and resources Each nation will have ten mines on the planet. ToasterLand will lastly be paid in woodchips.

ToasterLand is aloud [sic] to have use of Wyattopia's Flying Pringle Air Force, and use our high grade military tech. Wyattopia will make sure that the squarle squirrel princess will be protected in her security cage kingdom. Other rewards, requests maybe added to this document."