Oh, I'm sorry, we must not have seen you when you stumbled blindly into our humble abode - The Gentlemanne's Exploratory Guild. We are but simple Gentlemenne who busy ourselves with nothing but the finest of the fine, even if it means going out and discovering it ourselves. Cigars, cognacs, tribal groups, et cetera, all discovered and documented by our talented exploring Gentlemenne. So take a seat, a cigar, sit back, and share your tales of exploration or come with us into the void of discovery.

The Gentlemanne's Exploratory Guild is a group in Switzerland 2 made up of gentlemanly explorers. It is marginally related to the Society of Doritos but there isn't any official alliance, and they are rarely involved with the Doritos Society anymore since the Golden Dorito quest. The headquarters in nestled deep within the mountainous forests of Switzerland 2.

Steam group

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